This site and its contents are a reflection of our SOURCE being given the linear space of words and concepts free from ego filtering, taint and debris so that you may have epiphanies of recognition that are your re-connections with TRUTH.  When your flow of understanding  just “makes sense”, or pulls disparate pieces of truth you have gathered together into a moment of cohesion, you are experiencing how your Awareness is being freed from entanglements.  “Aha!”  Such moments of coming together are TRULY holy moments of critical mass, thus, I capitalized the word Epiphany.

And, as we all know they’re clarifying, enduring, personal, and very freeing moments that influence us for the rest of our lives in a positive and insightful way.  This is a conscious connection with the axiom, “the TRUTH shall set you free.” Thus, The TRUTH Zone is where you can reclaim the TRUTHS lost in the bible and other religious doctrines. I open to you and hope we will forge a beautiful and long enduring friendship that bonds in your healing and the power of TRUTH. …

SELFGnosis®  teaches TRUTH, Consciousness, Full Body-Mind_Spirit Anatomy of Humanity, and instructs people in the ways of healing their unified field of energy back into resonance with their Original SOURCE-God-Creator and their Higher Spirit SELF.  Have fun re-discovering TRUTH you’ve always known; it’s what lies within our Heart of Hearts of KNOWINGNESS!

*SELFGnosis® is a state of realized being and ability to be a fully enlightened being while still functional as a HUman being solely about the business of ONE WILL while attending to one’s life obligations as a parent, coworker, etc. 

SELFGnosis® as a system is organized into a teaching program that trains people to learn specific how-to’s in order to attain their natural state of inner communion with their Higher SELF 24/7, maintain it and be practical in life without any feel good shows or display of psychic powers, etc.

As a teaching system it had been legally trademarked in an effort to protect its integrity  from the theft of self appointed charlatans  claiming enlightenment and attempting to steal the ‘thunder of the TRUTH’ for personal profit . In modern times we’ve become enamored with superficial displays  and have become footloose and fancy free with poaching information, especially on the internet. People also have unexamined biases and expectations which they don’t properly understand which consequently mislead them.

This is due to the fact that as a race, we are so amnesic of our Spiritual roots that people TRULY DON”T KNOW what TRUTH, God, realization ACTUALLY looks like in body-mind.  Thus, we suffer from a proliferation of  all kinds of Holier than thou presentations, rituals, and dress-up which have come to be considered part and parcel of attaining reunion within. While this is patently false, people genuinely think such displays are how it is … but, in TRUTH, that is nothing more than role playing, a mock up, a pedestal of an IMAGE of holiness and specialness. It is ego and spiritual pride having a heyday. Furthermore, it distances the seeker from the practical expectation of actualizing their HOMECOMING in their lifetime.  Thus, this type of folly is its own brand of harm to the serious seeker of TRUTH and their genuine HOMECOMING or enlightenment. 

SELFGnosis, by nature of being Higher SELF informed, is about driving everything right down the center line to HOME , the bull’s eye, culling out the the bottom line and getting to the heart of what matters as promptly and as energetically accurate as possible.  Being on target is important, but if  you think about it, the bull’s eye is the real intention of our aim.  And, of course, off target really misses the point!

Have fun re-discovering TRUTH you’ve always known; it’s what lies within our Heart of Hearts of KNOWINGNESS!


All content is copyright of SELFGnosis, except where indicated otherwise. I claim no credit for any images and/or videos posted to this site unless so indicated. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. If you own rights to any of the images/videos and do not desire them to appear on this site, please contact me via e-mail and they will be removed or credited via your specifications. Further, I'm in no way responsible for or have any control of the content of any external web site links.

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