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The Nature of Searching
You Deserve to Know and NEED to Clearly Understand


So your Spiritual Search is effective and you don’t fall prey to common pitfalls that waste your time and efforts.  These guideline tips will streamline your efforts for effective outcomes making you a more savvy seeker of TRUTH who finds what awakens Souls without distractions.

We sincerely think of our search for God, Spiritual TRUTH, the answers to life’s mysterious inconsistencies, or finding answers to our haunting questions regarding soul purpose and “Who am I?”, as having some identifying factors that we can label as dependable and reliable earmarks bringing an ending to our search.  Of course, the hoped for outcome rarely is met with success, and so our never ending search continues.

Also, we expect to find our answers within the framework of life itself, and this makes our pursuit relatively useless because life does NOT possess the answers to our Inquiry re the TRUTH of existence which is Spirit KNOWN, and ever unknowable to ego or within the illusion of life that seems so real to us in our physicality.

Our “discovery” is followed up by our diligent and faithful adherence to whatever this life derived answer requires of us in rituals, beliefs, behavior changes, attitudinal shifts, etc.  Often, these behavior changes will change our lives for the better – better than it was before our discovery and consequent changes.

While the changes may be a noticeable improvement, did we find what we thought we found?  This is vital.  You MUST KNOW the answer to this in a definitive way.   Yet, this is  rarely explored until years of devotion leave the searcher still longing for more, because their heart tells them that the original answer was not the TRUTH, or at least not enough of it.  It may have been a stepping stone to opening them to this TRUTH they desired and were searching for initially, or it may turn out to be nothing more than a continued distraction.

Why does it have to be so convoluted?  What are the main reasons for this meandering rather than direct bull’s eye hit on the target?

Is our sincerity insufficient or is it a gap in knowledge?  Are there other factors confusing us or “at play” that we’re not privy to understanding? 

There are several reasons why we get delayed and distracted into following the tributaries instead of the main river, thereby missing the bull’s eye we are, indeed, hunting for in our search.

FIRST and FOREMOST is the fact that we don’t personally know anyone who is awake to Spirit and at-one with God-Spirit, thus, we don’t have a working model to follow who is able to show us what this looks like exactly.  This is a real deterrent to knowing when we have or have not yet arrived at the authentic heart of our search, and rather that we have merely discovered another tributary that is not the main river we set out to find.  They can look pretty much the same, can’t they?

A logical & realistic conclusion of lacking a living example is that since you don’t KNOW, you are going to have to guess and experiment, and this makes you vulnerable to what is not yet known to your conscious mind.  Yet, more to the point, the answer you seek is in unknowable to ego, but known to Spirit making a mentor who is awake to Spirit a vital assist to your success.  This is common sense, right?

Being as the mind functions as it does, you are likely going to cling to claims of “what this is” or what it is “suppose to look/feel like” because you lack direct knowledge.

You will also be faced with your mind’s propensity to try to shove information into what you already do know so you can make “quick sense of it,” and this will start a cascade of improper connections that will eventually fail to satisfy your Soul.

Being misled comes with the territory of ignorance of what you seek to know but currently don’t know experientially.  Therefore, you will likely fall prey to an idealized concept of what this “should” look like or how it “should” be.   Consider, how could it be otherwise? 

This is especially likely when there is a historical lineage of adherence to a given teaching because this implies it “must be correct.”  What’s not given enough consideration is how the original teaching, which was valid, may have become tainted with misunderstanding, diluted, and somehow corrupted and twisted over time. 

We know this happens, yet, we have a tendency to ignore what we do not know, and that ignorance comes with a heavy cost. We want to depend on the past informing the present, but we fail to do this with diligence of AWARE discernment.  Rather, we want to accept it in a Pollyanna fashion without the caution of discerning how it may have elements of correctness and elements of error. 

The return to TRUTH is not for the weak minded and requires maturity and respect for what we do know as well as what we don’t know, and using our intelligence with an open mindedness to guide our choices by weighing information for authentic value or not. 

Exploring the validity of our dearly held assumptions cannot be overlooked in this process of discovery.  Do you know why?  Because whatever is a staunchly held assumption, can become a major blind spot and stabling block.

SECONDLY, is the fact that the searcher is questing to know God, Spirit, TRUTH or wants to improve their ability to create heaven on earth, and such, but, in reality, they don’t have a clue what that looks like, what it is.  All they know is they hunger for something they know nothing of…

This poses a potent challenge to the seeker. How does the seeker know when they have found that which they seek? Especially when all their orientation points and validity checks are rooted in ego perceptions/thinking?

How does one recognize a diamond if they never saw one, they have only heard about this beautiful gem called a diamond, but they have never actually seen or touched one?  Wouldn’t this put them at a great disadvantage?  They could stumble over piles of diamonds in the rough and never know it.  They could be easily sold cut glass that sparkles as precious diamonds, eh?  What happens when they “wake up ” and realize they have been duped?  How do they arrive at waking up? 

See the dilemma and frustration of ignorance?

THIRDLY relates to the FIRST in that the goal of our search is to embrace a reality our bodies are not well attuned to perceiving, and that is the realm of abstraction natural to Spirit.  We’re wired to relate and identify with what we can see, feel, touch, pick up and move around – the concrete, the “stuff of life.

God-Spirit Indwelling the mind aspects of our being is Pure Abstraction, and this poses a layer of sophistication we must choose to re-learn about and re-gain comfort with as natural to our relating. It’s about a relearning process of what we’ve forgotten.

An old blind man is leading a blind youth; Not seeing danger sign, both are about to fall into a man hole. Blind faith is NOT the answer to dealing with abstraction because it is mindless/ignorant and teeters around supporting superstition, or by opposition , it dances around engaging denials which reject informing clues as irrelevant.  CLUES are relevant, you may not grok their meaning, yet they are pointing a way to MORE info that will close your gaps of separation!

Blind faith harms your relationship to God-Spirit because it is not the action of trust which is forged by reliable interactions over a period of time proving reliability & honesty.  TRUST requires intelligence and reflection.  Whereas blind faith will jump off a cliff with the notion of “all will be well,” mindful faith would not jump!

God-Spirit wants you to return HOME (at-one with your SOURCE SELF as a child returning from a lost adventure: Prodigal Son)  in a Mindful state with your awareness & innate innocence intact and reignited, not in blind ignorance of not knowing “what happened”!  Again, we are talking about maturity coupled with awareness, aren’t we?

FOURTH is the fact that there are many who want to be special and they will make the claim by self appointment (NOT same as SELF realized or Awake to Spirit) that they are your trusty guide to that which you seek, albeit they may only be one or two steps ahead of you in this search, and, by default of their lack of continuously aware Presence, they will be “making things up” by their personal reasoning and ego, teaching you about taming ego, better life, but not transcendence of Spirit.

This is not equal to Divine inspiration and FLOW of Spirit Awareness, rather it is either good psychology, cleverness, proffering standard theology, or whatever, and it WILL invariably contain standard misinformation derived from ego logic, not pure Divine Logic.   


Thus, they will be keeping you invested in some kind of mid-point, not at the bull’s eye they proffer.Man is trying to shoot arrows to a target, yet, keeps missing it entirely. If someone is sincerely wrong or off target, they are still off target, right?  Is that what you seek?  Is that good enough for you, or do you demand “the real enchilada” as people like to say?

In honesty, this is a group comprised of the sincerely deluded, often with good intentions, all the way to the outright charlatan who just wants a pedestal, your money or your worship/adoration.  They can be difficult to tell apart because our lack of knowing makes it not obvious. What matters to you, is both ends of the spectrum will delay your progress by diverting your attention elsewhere.

In the Course of Miracles, you are cautioned that no real plan for salvation exists in this world.  Wow, that is a disadvantage of magnanimous proportions, yes?!  Yet, it does offer you a TRUTH to take heed of and be made aware of regarding what is proffered through religious institutions, doesn’t it?  This is Big News, so let’s explore upon this awareness a bit more.

More on the Nature of Questing for TRUTH

Often the search is considered successful when we start to find ourselves “buying-in” or becoming accepting of some form of supposed disciplines and affinities that “would accompany” a more devote relationship to our Higher SELF/Power and/or God-Spirit-Creator. We imagine it will look a certain way.

Excalibur Legend is a Discerning Sword

A Sword's 2 Edges Symbolize an Ability to Discern

On some level, it kind of makes sense.  What you don’t comprehend fully, is that the level connecting with it is your ego mind &/or external realities, many of which are imaginings out of our collective unconsciousness.

Aren’t you seeking away from that mis-information hound and seeking higher knowledge of God-Spirit and the absolute “TRUTH that sets you free?”

For the most part we are talking about assumptions accepted on a fair amount of blind faith.  This is dangerous.

Being blind and not thinking things through for their meaning and validity is foolhardy.  Our innate intelligence demands that we be thinkers and “sort the tares from the wheat.”

Depending on our inclinations and previous beliefs or experiences, this will look different to different people.  For example, it may mean to you that

  • Becoming a vegetarian is a reliable sign of how you’re refining your appetites and how being satisfied to give-up meat, you’re advancing into some assumed purity, especially when you reach the point of possessing an ever growing disgust with meat itself,
  • A new found delight with austerity and the “joys of denial”,
  • A new found willingness to shed your wardrobe and don some specialized clothing more akin to those with “holier attitudes,”
  • You’re getting rid of all our “unworthy” friends who are not getting-with your newly embraced ideology,
  • You begin to feel a self-righteous hatred of anyone “not like you”,
  • You may embrace a deep sense of self as a “sinner” in need of repentance and forgiveness, etc.

You’ve allowed yourself to be drawn in and have taken on the outward glamour of the beads, the begging bowl, orange robes, sandals, shaven head, vows of poverty, vows of chastity, or whatever it is “suppose to look like” and you feel willing to try it on and experiment with it in order to “satisfy” your search.


How Epic Searches are Seeking Re-Union of Lost Oneness

However, all searches which fall short of TRUTH that is 100% absolutely What-IS and nothing else, will eventually be discovered to be empty of meeting the essential intention of your quest, namely, a consciously aware communion with your inner being at-one with God-Spirit-Source 24/7.  This relationship is natural and effortless in being and is our AWARE abiding in Light & Love.

The break from our at-one relationship makes us feel we are separate from God-Spirit and produces a separation anxiety of wanting to belong again and be part of The ONE.  Few people grok this properly. They may comprehend it at a core level, but with lots of false “accessories ” attached to their understanding.   It’s the false stuff  that causes their healing to short-circuit, be partial, or temporary.

The languishing emptiness is rooted in fear and driving our Spiritual search for answers and TRUTH.   Frankly, most people tell me they’re looking for relief!  

The urge and powerful compelling drive to know comes from our Spirit SELF Who has never lost connection with God-Spirit-SOURCE.  In our personal self we feel it, and it has been called many things, most notably, “the hole in our Soul.”

When we have removed all, I like to say, “NOT God within us,” we will be in conscious communion without trying to make it happen.


The Spontaneous-ness of Effortlessness!

It will be beyond all striving of discipline to rituals, worship, trying to be a certain way, praying day and night, or any other form of separation from other HUman beings, and it will be simple, humble, and occurring wherever you are without any crutches, roles, props, etc.

YOU can be cooking dinner, wearing jeans, eating BBQ, cutting grass, carrying a child on your back, shopping for hardware to fix a bike, ad infinitum. 

You will be spontaneously expressing and experiencing your Divine nature in relationship to your world, friends, co-workers, animals, Mother Nature, et al.  You won’t be too concerned with your looks, if others like you or not, what color you’re wearing, ad nauseam. 

Without all the self-conscious stuff nagging away at you… you’ll notice something utterly wonderful… PEACE.

No one will be “your enemy” or not-one with God in your eyes and Heart of Hearts.  Period. It’ll  be a humble and TRULY simple state of being in Light and Love – no baubles, no unique identifiable “look”.   Such worries are the venue of ego identification and specialness always with a need to fill the “hole in the Soul.”

As you awaken, you will notice how the specifics of your falsely defined “shift”, of how you had been living, etc. will be discovered to be more of a judgment of life and others within the context of being “right” or “wrong” according to interpretations of scriptures, The Word, a precept, or whatever you had become convinced was “enlightened” thinking and being.


OMG, Was I “TRYING” to Make It Happen?!

You’ll realize how your own interpretations and distinctions were something you felt you wanted to adopt.  But in essence, you were simply exchanging one belief system for another, and in the process, you will grow in clarity about how you were TRYING to make it happen with the prescribed Rx of the belief system you had come to follow or had become a disciple thereof. 

Basically, you will know how you were trying-it-on, albeit however sincere, to see if it works,  believing it will.

This article is written to caution youI’ve made the errors spoken of here many times.  Each time I was sure I had finally arrived at the “right” place or answers. 

So, I lovingly hold out to you, “Please be careful where you are stepping, discern who you are believing.”  As a novice or amateur you will be easily led down blind alleys and can become a robot of a ritualized life, with no awakening to anything but a grand ritual that looks holy…. you choose

In TRUTH, are we not all novices till we awaken?  The path of deceit is wide, well traveled, and clever.  The more seasoned you are due to previous let-downs and lessons learned, the more readily you will start to spot the signs of, “just wasting more of my time.”

Point of this article is for you to get more seasoned quickly.  Recognize the signs when you’re pursuing something you want to make happen by means of what you’ve been “told” is a way to Infinity merely by means of its historical lineage of “making for the enlightened.” 

Notice how much of it is by inference and assertion because few can be named to have benefited in accomplishing ongoing COMPLETE SELF REALIZATION by practicing the disciplines prescribed in the proffered teachings, no matter how complete the devotee’s commitment! 

I do mean FEW, too few. There exists a huge gap between info about transcendence and the process of transcendence itself.  Don’t be fooled into the info about it being equated with the process. They share a valued relationship, but are by NO MEANS the SAME THING.  If what you seek is merely info about enlightenment and ascension of being and your return to communion with your Spirit SELF, okay, that is what you are choosing. 

However, IF you are seeking to actually experience a transcendence of the ascension order of enlightenment, then you WILL NEED MORE than just good INFO.  You will need a tried and true process that is making the desired outcome actualize for real people, not myths about people!  

If it is delivering a TRUE enlightenment as proffered, people in present time should be not only improving their psyche, they should be literally transmuting and transforming – without effort, becoming kinder, more peaceful, penetrating and other such shifts in consciousness.


How Does SELFGnosis Fit in with Spiritual Searching?

SELFGnosis is such a process, and it is NOT an overnight sensation or a week-end warrior path.  It is a change forever more.  I encourage you to be cautiously interested and gently approach what I am saying with mindfulness.  ASK tough questions.  

I suggest that you allow this info to sink deeply within and ‘have its way with you by gently inspiring you from your Soul level, not just your brain thinking neurons.  Trust is the path of the TRUTH ZONE.  TRUST builds as TRUTH unfolds before you in a cogent and cohesive way

Also, you cannot cherry-pick your way through TRUTH because it is a wholism of God-Spirit and NOT subject to your comfort zone, opinions, or beliefs.  To pick and choose what you like while dismissing what you don’t like is to enter falsity.  PERIOD.

To do such shenanigans means you are NO LONGER studying TRUTH, rather, you are indulging a personal rendition of “truth” that is your opinion, and the break separating you from TRUTH will come back to haunt you because it IS NOT TRUTH; you will be living lies of your own making by choice of your “reworking it.”  That is an action of ego in fear via arrogance.

Because of Free Will, you will choose to do what you will do with this information.  However, you have been duly informed and the consequences of your choice will bear its fruit – either freedom or further entrapment in life-death cycles.


Further, I don’t attempt to make up the rules or information for that matter. I am relaying what I KNOW for you to have the benefit of my AWARENESS and the fruits of knowledge it has given birth to sharing in a teaching form so you may learn, too.  

In this regard my work is about benefiting you or at least providing an opportunity for you to benefit from the freeing power of TRUTH (more on this is throughout the site) because IF you choose away, the info’s power remains impotent to YOU.

It is a gift of CLARITY, not a mission of persuasion or conversion because that is ego oriented.  I AM reaching out to your Indwelling Spirit Presence and offering mentoring assistance to your personal self  in reestablishing a permanency of reconnection to TRUTH; offering a way to return HOME safe, sound, and SWIFTLY with SELFGnosis.  (more on this is ever unfolding in a coalescing manner on the pages of this site…) 

Because we are dealing with Absolute TRUTH as it applies in a relative world, there will be NO teachings that are contradictions, which would be to have opposing ideas that can never come-together. 

However, there will be a plenitude of paradoxes in which seeming contradictions are resolved.  The nature of The TAO is the Source of paradoxes, and we will explore this exciting aspect.

[box type=”warning”] Another Tip of What to LOOK FOR in Discerning the quality of truth you are cautiously considering … If your world view never gets shaken, you are playing games with, about, and around TRUTH concepts.

TRUTH has a healthy prick to it because it pierces through the stupor or illusion you are enamored with and quite comfortable with entertaining. TRUTH will have it’s certain “slap in the face” moments.

If it doesn’t, guess again! If it only fills you with “feel good” moments and you can’t weep and feel the pain of life’s atrocities, you’re on another deviation from your intended bull’s eye. I am assuming your bull’s eye is God-Creator as God IS and not as people imagine God-Spirit to be.[/box]

More Re TRUTH Qualities

 From TRUTH, you will see it all, you will see how it is an illusion that is unnecessary.  But how could you not see, feel and know the suffering of HUmanity and not be compelled to help people wake up and learn how-to stop creating that mess and pain for them self, because as God beings, we create the suffering!? 

Could a fully enlightened you behold so much suffering and feel bliss about it?  I think NOT!  Get real. God-Spirit does not feel joyful bliss when pondering such atrocities as human trafficking… it is Cosmically sobering, indeed!  Thus, the urgency of the call from ABOVE, “COME HOME NOW!” that led eventually to SELFGnosis being revealed as a process of healing and redeeming.

TRUTH is practical; it fragments or denies NOTHING!  It is essentially balanced and all-inclusive.  TRUTH is not a mental flogging away of negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts become unnatural to you and you’ll recognize them immediately as not of God-Spirit and reject them without ado. 

You don’t have to chant them away or affirm all day.  Such disciplines are ways to control the lower mind and allow for more higher mind activity to get through in consciousness.  This is NOT the same as MORE GOD in you, thinking you!   (which, by the way, is essentially what actualizing enlightenment is)

More on SELFGnosis

SELFGnosis is beautiful and it is a self-to-SELF transcending process that is amazingly effect because it is Spirit-God directed and created.  I did not conceive up this idea, system, or teachings. 

And because it is more than info, prepare your personality self to get a few good mental whacks as part of the loving waking up process.

The ego does not divest itself of its armor & identity readily; it clings on to it with tenacity and rejects the TRUTHS of any of your denial silly-ness.  With No silly exposures happening in your present disciplines, then guess again IF your practices are TRUTH with the power of transformation, or merely assuaging your sense of a happy self of self-deceit, which is, after all the very subject of TRUTH’S pursuit.

Why do you have to become a monk to become enlightened? You don’t, that is a belief, and a powerful one at that, too! 

How to get the armor off your perceptions of ego-trance inducements, and open to allowing your gently grand Spirit SELF to be exposed, as well as the SOLE driver at the helm of your vehicles is the only outcome of a TRUE Spiritual search; all else is an ego version dressed in some “holy” garment.

Ponder these words carefully, okay?  Approach cautiously optimistic, they were loving chosen to communicate an important awareness to you. Where has your search  landed you?

All to Love,







What Is SELFGnosis™?


Excalibur Sword in Stone taken from dragonart how to draw tutorial
Blind Leading the Blind is Courtesy of The Robert Bogdan Collection

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