When living from the Presence of your Infinite SELF or your Divine nature, which means from your SELFGnosis®, you see with the “eye that is single” often spoken of in the bible. This implies NO RESISTANCE to Divine Intention, doesn’t it? It also signals, “Not my will, but Thine be done, and of course, seeing what is there to be seen from the Spirit side of your consciousness.


9 Signs of an EnLIGHT-ened Mind

An EnLightened mind is a balanced, stabled, grounded, centered, and unified mind in consciousness. Such a mind has a constant awareness that “sees” from a multidimensional wholism of perception that is finely attuned with the Principles of our Unity of Oneness Universe with the Spirit “side” of life as its sole orientation point of information guiding its personality’s continual choices to ever be at-ONE with Divine Intention.

What does this mean? It means This awareness pervades all your consciousness levels without gaps or deviations and NEVER proffers that God-Spirit has “secrets” or theorizes Divinity :

  1. Resonates with all things Spirit, God, God-Good, et al. so you will create What-IS as God-Spirit IS and no-THING else,
  2. Sees from a Spiraling Perspective in which all fragments of information comprise a whole puzzle assembled, revealing the parts and the whole at the same time, or as I prefer to say, “sees the whole and parts at once,”
  3. Recognizes from Realization that there is NO separation in reality, only a perception of separation that is delusional and virtual, albeit it is VERY convincing,
  4. Is PURE Aware, Awake, Noticing, Intelligent, and Discerning without being swayed by various ego/separation filtering such as, “the mote in one’s eye,” through beliefs, opinions, assumptions, agendas, and/or other agents of the mind that interfere, condition, or taint information so it is not longer PURE, as IS from its God-Spirit-side.  This means experiential relating, not intellectualizing, not ritualizing, and not seeking your devotion,
  5. Knows only ONE is the TRUTH, all else that deviates is to some degree or another not TRUE, only partially true, relatively true, or not true at all,
  6. Is ONE WILL Guided at all times without fail to be, “Not my will, but Thy Will be done,”, thus, free will joyously serves ONE WILL as its orientation point informing all choices. At-One with Divine Intention is the same dynamic.
    (amazing that this entire bullet list is contained and communicated in the sentence highlighted in purple text)
  7. Understands the Quintessential TAO Paradox & Choice and KNOWS this is the crux of sanity.
  8. Denies No-thing and Acknowledges What-IS, as well as What-isNOT, giving an honest appraisal of “things” from a wholism recognition, thus, such a mind is not imbalanced (seeing only good to the exclusion of else manifesting) from a positivity skewed viewpoint because all is acknowledged, be it a harsh reality, as in people starving to death, or be it lovely, as in a moss covered mountainside… and,
  9. Beholds Infinity and Finite Virtuality at once without confusion or mystery.

In summation, This Awareness Is the Higher Christ Mind SELF or Spirit side of you Who is not suffering from amnesia, delusions, confusions, or intoxication of separation! Your SELFGnosis® is reunion with your Spirit SELF while still embodied. This state of mind frees you to be “about your Father’s Business”, or Soul Purpose #2 that is fully at-ONE with Divine Intention.

An important aspect of living from Presence is that you will have natural affinities directing your attention and inclinations toward that which IS Spirit-TRUTH-God, and natural aversions to that which is anti-Spirit.

I realize how the average person may read this and think, “how can I discern these things?”  The key is to reacquaint yourself your Spiritual Anatomy and understand it well.  SELFGnosis® is taught from Spiritual Transmission and is direct from your Higher SELF.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

I encourage you to peruse through this site and ponder, study, and ask the questions that this information brings to the surface of you mind to ask.  Your questions create a trusty lead away from confusion and are your most reliable way to move from the Edge of TRUTH towards the heart of TRUTH. You deserve TRUTH, not beliefs.

I keep all the COMMENT Boxes open so asking your questions is easy!

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3 Responses to “9 Signs of an EnLightened Mind”
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  1. john says:

    This is good info I like it, makes me feel better 🙂

    • Sharon Quinn says:

      Thank you, John. TRUTH has a way of warming our Heart of Hearts and ‘hitting the spot’ of what our Inner SELF knows is a balm to our life stresses and overcoming. Take care.

  2. Mostafa says:

    That really captures the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

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