Our Spirit Journey from TAO into CHRIST MIND

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Spiritual Anatomy    We are laying a bread crumb trail from presupposed beliefs and guesses about the mystery of life and our relationship to God-Spirit. Last week we continued our visuals and information from how each of us moved from our Transcende...

Dare to Know the Unknowable

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Spiritual Anatomy      We educate for Pure Awareness and discernment. Last week we talked about the Unknowable and showed how the duality of the TAO came into being.  Life is a virtual reality game/dream that has a knowable exit strategy.   B...

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Remove the Contrived God Spirit Mystery re Life & Tao

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Spiritual AnatomySpiritual Anatomy is Revealed from Spirit Point of View… In a Useful Simplified Way Ending the Mystery Shrouding Who I Am, Life, and TAO This show is the first in a series presenting our complete Spiritual Anatomy –  As our Creato...

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How Will I Know When I’m Ready for SELF Realization to Finally Happen?

 A Terse Look at the Long Suffering Saga of Becoming Ready? (Do you see YOURSELF in any of these scenarios??) Many people apply themselves diligently to the service of God-Spirit. They religiously do everything “they’ve been told needs to be done” to be “right with God/Spiri...

Mayan Prophesy & SELFGnosis™ ?

FYI 2013 Is a Horizon We Can Influence (Jan-8-2010) (Dear Reader, When you click on the “if”, you will Discover Why IF in life is RED throughout this site. Thanks) The Age of Aquarius, like every other astrological epoch, brings with it an energetic shift evolving HUman consciousness.  ...

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Discovery and Development of SELFGnosis

SELFGnosis evolved into discovery and eventual development when I shared with others what was “inexplicably working” to rapidly heal my pain while simultaneously expanding my consciousness awareness along with advancing my relating/communication skills in a rather spontaneous manner. Dis...

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What Does Opportunity Look Like?

Have You Ever Shot Yourself in the Foot and Thought, “What Was I Thinking?!” Will, Dave, and I took a pleasant trip to Waaco, Texas last weekend.  I’m sure we each sought an opportunity dear to us, and garnered different lessons and insights from our experience.  While we had a s...

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