Hanged Man Symbols Explored as a Soul Key

Let’s Look at the Symbol Language and What It Is Telling US Hanged Man Symbol Language is explored from a Spiritual perspective as a  Soul Key.  I shall make the impersonal, personal as I outline the foundational symbols speaking to us from this allegory. As a Golden Key, there is much to sa...

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Hanged Man is The Pivotal Card or Lynch Pin of The Tarot

From a TarotGnosis© Understanding, The Hanged Man is The Pivotal Card of The Tarot.  Hanged Man Symbol Language is explored from a Spiritual perspective as a  Soul Key. From an enlightening Point of View(POV), reaching The Hanged Man in one’s consciousness, signifies a Soul’s Grand Tu...

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First, Things First… “Welcome!”

First, Things First… “Welcome!”

  How Do Flowers “Speak” & Why Should I Care to listen? The nature of transcendent God (specifically, not the dogmatic renditions most know as a God of beliefs or imaginings as proffered by most religions), our Spiritual Source, is Love and because it is Unconditioned by ego filters...

What Is TarotGnosis™?

SHORT ANSWER: It is an active and conscious communicating relationship with one’s Higher SELF whereby a person masters a Sacred Intentional Listening Communication (SILC™) process of communicating with their Higher SELF and relearns  the symbol language of “encoded” messages in ...

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SELFGnosis Primer & Thumbnail Sketch

Expanding Upon Enlightenment/SELF Realization & the Waking-Up Process Within the Framework of Realistic Expectations:  What Would I Have to Do?   Today, I like to talk about being realistic in regaining your SELF Realization State of Mind that I often refer to as your SELFGnosis™ and man...

Welcome: Site’s Purpose & YOU

This blog & spiritual learning website is written for people who have lost their zeal for the maddening pace of life and the mindless habit of trusting “everything they have been told”.  One thing being proffered here is a website manual that’s being written in present time as...

Is God Within You or Is God External to You?

What is Your Orientation Point to God-Spirit? In the most basic sense we can say that God resides in one of two places in relationship to you as a HUman being, either inside of you, or outside of you. In your heart of hearts, where would you say God is in relationship to you — […]...

Your Inner Voice – Real or Imagined? Does Everyone Have One?

Yes, to me, not having an Inner Voice would be saying a person has no Soul or Indwelling Spirit, so, CLEARLY, it’s possible to be HUman & not be innately “Voice instilled.” I wonder, how anyone lives without the comfort of communicating with their Inner Voice of Companionship & Guidanc...

Birth of SELFGnosis™

            [testimonial company=”Progenitor & Genesis of SELFGnosis (as a process)” author=”Sharon Quinn” image=”http://www.selfgnosis.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Sharon3.jpg”] Hi! My name is Sharon and I’ve been through...

Christina’s Path to SELFGnosis™

            [testimonial author=”Christina Brightwell” image=”http://www.selfgnosis.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/S5000126-e1316159516673.jpg”]  I have had a very tough year. I was married in June to the father of my 5 year old son. We had a la...


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