Lets Look at Some Very Basic Bottom Line TRUTHS
Reduced into Simple, Yet, Accurate Concepts that
Are Directly From a Spirit or God Point of View (POV)

[box type=”info”] These are the Most Powerful “Bits of Information”** a Soul Needs
so as to Remember Who I AM, & to Be Empowered as an In-Spirited Being,
Rather Than as a Highly Evolved Nature Animal.[/box]

This info is necessary to be made conscious, grokked & chosen by free will at the personal or ego level so the Soul can be released from its own self-imposed, albeit unconsciously so, bondage of ignorance (both, ignoring via stubbornness or arrogance, & ignorant as in myopic, entrained, hypnotized, primitive, unaware, amnesic, blind, immaturity, or not knowledgeable).


10 Things You Can’t Live without Knowing

This listed info and its obvious directives are deemed vital for these Universally/Spiritually valued reasons:

1. Wake Up from the Nightmarish Dream Your Soul is Having about Being a Mortal Person Living a Life Who is Haunted about Destiny, Death, Fear, Karma, Illness, Pain, “Not Enough”, ad nauseam… You are, essentially, suffering from amnesia of Who I Am. Striving and confusion will continue till this is properly rectified.

2. Sober Up & Rehabilitate your Lost Soul from Her Drunken Stupor Over Separation from God/Spirit/SOURCE as “Real” that keeps pain, death, karma, corruption, greed, imbalances, fear, ad nauseam as ongoing experiences of suffering/striving in life, along with the urge to medicate your troubles & illnesses away…

Spiritual sobriety means you begin healing your amnesia and begin waking up to Who I Am as Spirit SELF/Higher SELF, in a body, that’s playing a virtual reality game called life.

As a clearly actualized remembering Spirit (as juxtaposed to believing the concept of “remembering”, or your “remembering” being more of an acceptance of being a Spirit), you begin a process of regaining your original SELFGnosis in which your priorities shift, changing your end game.

This is because once you truly remember your Infinity, you don’t desire to be a mortal anymore, and, thus, your many lifetimes of entanglement in The TAO & your struggle against Divine Intention end, because Spirit-God Will is your Divine purpose being fulfilled.

3. “Know Thyself as Gods,” and realize how you are creating from moment-to-moment every single aspect & quality of your life, & know, too, the part you’re playing in our collective consciousness regarding HUmanity’s worldly plights with nature, relationships, social issues, political disparities, your health, et al…

This goes directly to the Law of Attraction which is largely taught, Off-Principle, as a distraction attraction of ego mind “wealth” pursuits being sold as “equating with a Spiritually driven life”, yet, it more about dealing with being seduced by materialism, albeit it a positive way.

Current popular Law of Attraction teachings are not those of a Spirit-Higher SELF in-tune-with the prosperity/grace of Spiritual wealth that does flow from at-one-ment with Divine Intention.

Calling it a secret, was your big clue that absolute TRUTH was not being taught between the covers of the book because God-Spirit does NOT keep secrets from God-Spirit. Does God-Creator hiding valuable knowledge even make any sense??! That would be sadistic, and I personally know Go-Spirit as Pure Light & Love, with not an iota of withholding. While I may have not be able to take it all in & absorb it at once, it is in constant Flow. Flow (not=) withholding.

4. Get with What-IS-REAL: Life is a Cosmic Virtual Reality (virtuality) Game; Life is the distraction from TRUTH itself! Most of us are defaulting to “stuck on stupid” repeating the mantra of fear, known as life & death re-cycling, and need information aligned solely with Divine Principle, along with legitimate Spirit Know-how-to so as to get our exit strategy in order to get our self back HOME.

While you can call HOME heaven, it is not the “heaven” religions preach about because those teachings are pure hogwash. Spirit-God insists adamently so about HOME, and SELFGnosis speaks to this issue richly.

5. Life is TAO Choice (duality), meaning that we/you are constantly creating into manifestation either energy/”things” that are WHAT IS (At-one & no deviation from all that Spirit/God IS), or we/you are creating what-isNOT resonant or of Spirit/God. Spirit is ONE, therefore would create nothing to harm or suffer any aspect of Its Oneness – all else is of ego design & imaginings creating more separation or NOT Spirit/God “stuff”. Thus, you can wisely conclude, you create your own obstructions, distractions, patterns, attractions, cycles, and suffering, or your freedom from pain and healing your resonance back into your Immortal SELF.

6. You’re NOT a flawed “original sinner” who is sniveling, unworthy, and separate from Spirit-God. That is a made-up belief, and a powerfully life entrapping one, to boot! It is also ludicrous; put the pieces of TRUTH information together and the folly of this type of thinking becomes clear.

Unworthy beliefs produce anti-God/Spirit energy that encapsulates our PURE ESSENCE while it simultaneously (duality dynamics at play) repels us away from our Beloved and, therefore, such thinking CANNOT unite us with the “object” of our loving devotion due to its lack of harmonic resonance with Love & Light or Spirit. This shares a bond with #3 above in this list and a Law of Attraction dynamic.

7. You are not separate from SOURCE-Creator-The ONE, and thus, God-Spirit cannot be external to yourself. It is not possible except as an experience of virtuality! Did you notice how this shares close ties with #6 above in this list? This infers and implies you are the only one who can Save you.

What do you need to be “saved” from? Yourself, your blindness, your confusion, your self created energy field of self inducing problems, pain, suffering, ad nauseam.

Quite frankly, trying to make anyone other than yourself your savior is simply misguided; we suffer at the hand of our ignorance and all the garbage that flows from that mistaken concept or idea we have erroneously adopted as our belief. Un-choose it and open to what will end your troubles: SELFGnosis is a speedy recovery from all the ‘messes we’ve gotten ourselves into.”

Also, it is impossible to save yourself after your dead. The Structure-Function of this universe is reflected in Principles; they do not change to suit our fancy, fascinations, fantasies about enlightenment process. The energy we mis-created in the physical needs to be redeemed, transmuted, transformed on the same physical plane where we made the “stuff” up.

8. Reacquaint yourself with your TRUE Structure-Function so you can know how an Infinite Spirit, as yourself, can “get into a mortal and limited condition of being a HUman Being who experiences all sorts of suffering and death. You need to learn at least this much correct info so you can discern how-to choose wisely your tools of self-redemption. How do you heal a body-mind-Spirit Triad when you know nothing about how it works and is mad?

Nebulous ideas about your health and well being leave you prey to superstitions and lots of error. Your a mature Soul and this is learning you can no longer be without; you to have it consciously “under your belt.”

9. HUmanity is a reflection of its Original SOURCE of Light & Love that is Aware, Intelligent, Force of life, Harmony, At-ONE, Joy and Peace, so these are our essential qualities or our essence. In the form of being a HUman, we are a collective consciousness, a race, or Unity of Oneness, thus, “I am another you,” shining my unique glow by fulfilling Divine Intention without deviation. Think of this idea akin to a beautiful multi-faceted diamond with each person as a facet of that Cosmic Gem! It is a magnificent idea to ponder, is it not?

10. You have 2 inner voices or selves that reflect our TAO choice (see #5 above in list). They are your Higher SELF, or Bright Me, Who is in-tune-with and never deviating from Divine Intention or ONE-WILL, while the other is your ego or petty me bent on narcissistic “specialness” dependent on being separate and unique, “doing thangs, my way”.

These inner selves are your ONE Spirit SELF residing in two different mind vehicles, and is a direct personal experience of how you wield the force of your Free Will through a thinking mechanism.

Free will choice is response-able for keeping God-Spirit in you, in this limit of life. Time to exit life and COME HOME with a strategy that will work with permanency and immediacy, freeing your Spirit from mortal limitations, and the pain thereof.

SELFGnosis is such a gift and power tool. I’m not suggesting you give SELFGnosis a whirl because “I said so”, that is too superficial, mindless, and silly. I’m inviting you to get serious about learning & healing so you can ascend within your consciousness back into communion with your Higher SELF this lifetime as I have, and be open to your Soul Purpose so you can shine as our Creator Intends for you.

When you meet-up with our Creator’s desire to express as your person, you will shine… Why? Because you are resourcing your SOURCE (without deviations), which is Light & Love! Does it get any better than that? I don’t think so.

You cannot speak to your Divine nature without having it return to itself because it is ONE , and ONE is ONE, not two or more than two. Thus, a dependable quality of Spirit TRUTH is that it’s quite notably circular, such as how the items in this list circle back integrally to each another. This circularity is due to its wholism and interrelatedness that functions in a harmonically resonant unison of information. Cool, yes?! Did you intuitively sense this quality as you kept reading through the list?

Please share your comments below and be heard. Others always benefit from your questions &/or insights. DeLIGHT us with your sharing and caring! And, follow us, if this is your “cup of tea” and you like learning the mature ‘stuff”!

My name is Sharon… and, “Your name is…”

** Some would call this – Manna (SEE: Golden box at top of article)

All to Love,







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4 Responses to “10 Things You Can’t Live Without Knowing”
Read them below or add one

  1. Uta says:

    You can definitely see your expertise in the article you write.
    The arena hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to mention how they believe.
    All the time go after your heart.

  2. Wilma says:

    Hi Sharon, great texts. About the last part. I think that meditation gives you the opporunity to go to you BEING. An then yoou can clearly see waht is EGO and what is SELF. My english is nog very well, but i like this site.

    Greetings, Wilma

    • Sharon Quinn says:

      Greeting Wilma!

      I am DeLighted & honored to meet your Beloved Soul… who cares that your English is not puur-fect, if I’m guessing correctly, you come to this site with Dutch as your preferred language, and that is a language I cannot even speak! 🙂

      I appreciate that you bring meditation to the table because Spirit views that practice as a two-edged sword. I came to first realize, over 30 years ago, that my Inner Being existed via my mediation practice (& it took practice galore to calm my racing mind down back then!). Today, from a certain point of view, you could say I live my daily life in a waking & walking meditation. I no longer need to sit and meditate, I simply focus on Who I Am, and voila! I feel the centering without losing contact with what I’m engaging in doing in present time.

      You bring up a valid consideration and I’m glad you did, too.

      As I clicked the Reply box, and opened to Spirit to respond, I sensed more will be forthcoming in the near future about the practice, skill and dangers inherent in meditation. I’ve known for some time, that in meditation as a process, we have to “plumb a line” to our Higher SELF through the astral waters or realm to make contact with our Holy Spirit SELF Who is abiding in the Christ or Causal realm of our being that is “beyond” the astral, and this can open us to astral energies, depending, of course, on a myriad of things such as our boundaries, our intention, our Achilles heel, etc., meaning it is clearer and safer for some than it is for others due to their proclivities, affinities, strengths, presupposed knowledge, weakness, beliefs, assumptions, etc.

      It’s a concern and consideration for Spirit as too many Souls have dabbled in the astral on their way to Higher SELF and the result are not pleasing from Spirit Awareness. Any Soul Who gets lost in astral is painful to Spirit – even one is too many, right? But, that in and of itself is not reason enough to NOT do something useful to our growth, we simply want to benefit from expanded awareness and be alert so our passage is always direct and safe.

      While meditation is excellent to open ourselves to an Inner Intelligence and finer sensibility about ourselves and makes us aware that there is decidedly more to us than meets our physical eye, specifically, an Inner Spirit SELF as our Essence, and that we’re not just a body/ego, many have turned this calming, centering, and inward sensing practice into a type of worship of themselves as “special” and they glorify an astral projection of themselves they call their Higher SELF which is nothing more than their ego with astral glory parading with halos and all?! I don’t know if this is a more of a local phenomenon or universal as I’ve not made research of this, and I follow Spirit lead. Best lead on this and all things, eh?

      Unfortunately, in America, there is a lot of this misuse of many things, including meditation, and consequently MAI Indwelling Spirit shies away from advocating it as a must have. However, properly used, it moves our attention from our outer reality to an awareness of a far grander world that is beyond our life-death cycles, doesn’t it? In your country, is such a misuse of meditation prevalent or is this a more northern continent thing? Let the research begin! 🙂

      I hope you keep sharing and salt and pepper this site with your insights as I’d love to get to know you better…

      All to Love, Sharon

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