Who Were YOU Created To Be?

“SELF Gnosis” means “SELF Knowledge”.  SELF capitalized means your Higher SELF, your essential existence and wholism of yourself, both ego body-mind and Spiritual Essence of  ‘Who I AM’, becomes consciously known to you.  Come into deeply comprehending how you are more than a Spirit having a human experience. You are a Creator Being.  This recognition shifts your accountability and response-ability to your Infinite nature and, literally, changes everything.

Here you will find a safe place to explore TRUTH’s many facets. It is my intention for you to come here often because you find it inspiring, enlightening, and intelligent. I hope you will move from the Edge of TRUTH into the center, awaken and heal yourself back into Harmonic Resonance with your Eternal SELF of SELFGnosis®.  Such a HOMECOMING is the very heart of what perennial wisdom has called Enlightenment.

Learn to shed all the doubts, expectations and limitations that were placed on you by others and discover a world of endless peace, love, happiness and prosperity.  More so, learn how SELFGnosis® awareness, discernment and skill changes what is Spiritually possible. Unlock your full potential.  Become all you can be – all you were created to be.

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At the edge of TRUTH or entering TRUTH

Self Learning & Discovery:

seedsxsm Our journey begins with that first step and lasts as long as we are breathing. Read articles, browse the glossary and uncover the TRUTH of your existence. Comments are welcome as we explore the pathway to your ultimate happiness.

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Guided Support:

Egoxsm Stepping into a new beginning is exciting – but it can also be frightening when you are alone. Allow me to be your Spiritual Mentor. Together we will explore the TRUTH and uncover all the incredible things that life, and more importantly, beyond life, has in store for you.

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